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'78 bronco FOR SALE


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FOR SALE: 1978 bronco. it currently sits on 235's, but ran 38" hawgs before it was taken out of service. the 38's do not come with it. it does include an 8" suspension lift/ 3" body lift, C6 trans just rebuilt with a shift kit by PFK racing, rear traction bars, NP205 transfer case. things that need to be fixed are- something broke in front end (spider gears, probably- i haven't looked) i have the parts to fix that, engine doesn't run (400M sat around too long and seized up. heads are currently off it just needs to be put back together) and she needs some big tires.
it was street driven up until about 2 years ago when the front end broke and i ended up with it. don't know the gear ratio (probably 3.50) but it threw lots of mud with 38's on it. it belonged to a friend of mine and now i need to sell it. it's nothing fancy, just a good start to a big mud truck. the shocks are trailmaster and apear to be in good shape, the front springs are shiney red and i was told they are new... the hood is off it because someone was going to get the engine running again and then didn't follow through. it has a mustang hood scoop on it also. the bumpers are 4" pipe bumpers, and the paint job is rattle can flat black. the fresh C6 alone is worth $600-$800 and a 429/460 would bolt right up to it. asking $900 OBO. it is located in benzonia , MI 49616. delivery in MI can be arranged. also have lots of parts if interested.
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